Ibrahimovic might be on his way to Bologna


Ibrahimovic might be on his way to Bologna. Bologna boss Sinisa Mihajlovic, had told him he would leave Milan following the 2019-20 campaign.

"He called me a few days ago and we'll see what he decides to do in the summer," Mihajlovic told Serbian show Vece sa Ivanom Ivanovicem. Mihajlovic said "He certainly won't remain at Milan."

Mihajlovic claimed the AC Milan striker's next move will be to either return to Sweden or join Bologna.

"It's something that could only develop via their friendship and mutual admiration," Sabatini told Sky Sport Italia.


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"A transfer operation involving Ibrahimovic is not something Bologna could aspire to.

"He'd certainly raise the level of everyone around him, so of course it'd be wonderful, but I can't say I believe it'll happen."

Director of sport Riccardo Bigon added: "The coach has a personal relationship with Ibrahimovic, but I don't know if that could turn into negotiations."

"We won't be selling him because the figure paid would not be sufficient to reflect what a great player he is," said Sabatini.


"We will be the club most affected by the coronavirus, but we will not sell off our talents," Bigon said.

"It is fortunate because we do not need to do it and we certainly won't sell. I can say that with certainty."

Bologna currently sit 10th place in Serie A as they await the resumption of activities following the ongoing interruption caused by the coronvirus pandemic.

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