Pjanic has sent a heart melt goodbye message to Juventus as he leaves for Barcelona


Miralem Pjanic has sent a heart melt goodbye message to Juventus as he officially completed his move to Barcelona.

Barcelona and Juventus have announced the deal on Monday, with Arthur heading to Juve while Pjanic will move to Barcelona as his replacement.

Meanwhile, Pjanic and Arthur will remain at their respective clubs for the remainder of the season, with both Juventus and Barcelona hopeful of winning their league title.

Pjanic still has matches left before concluding his four-year stay with Juventus, the midfielder took to Instagram to say goodbye to the Italian side.

Pjanic wrote: "Breathe, Mire, this is the mantra I keep repeating in my mind during the decisive moments of a match," he wrote on Instagram.


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"This is what I continue to repeat now, while I try to write down what I am feeling in this moment.

"I arrived four years ago so I could try to win everything. Because even when you don't manage it, a Juventus player must always try.

"These were four intense years, experienced alongside great professionals, but above all real friends, with whom I shared victories and records, but also bitter defeats on the cusp of triumph.

"These are years in which I matured as a man and a father.

"This is the city where Edin grew up, becoming the biggest fan of this team, and where, with my family, we built the best memories of our lives.

"I don't think I can ever thank you enough, so:

"Thank you to the Agnelli Family. Thank you to all those team-mates who shared this journey with me.

Thank you to all the employees and members of the staff, who helped me to grow. Thank you to the fans who made me feel special every day.


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"Because if there's one thing I have learned, it's that there is no minimum time in which you can fall in love.

At the end of the day, it's very simple: you wear this jersey like a second skin, you always give everything, and you'll never go wrong.

"Now we don't have much time to lose and there's so much to win from here to the end of the season.

"Therefore, breathe, Mire. Because what today might seem so sad, from tomorrow will be a wonderful memory that you'll keep in your heart for the rest of your life."

Pjanic has sent a heart melt goodbye message to Juventus as he leaves for Barcelona to continue his career at camp nou.

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